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Friday, 18 February 2011

The Law of Attraction and Recognising Sent Opportunities

 Have you been applying The Law of Attraction in your life? Making your wish list, your dream board, visualising daily and then wondering why the things that you want are not manifesting in your life? It could be that the Universe is sending you the answers but that you are not recognising them!
The Universe doesn't conjure up items, money and the people that we wish to attract by magic. What actually happens is that once you have understood what it is that you want in your life, visualised it daily, given thanks as if it is already here and believed that it will come you, the Universe starts things rolling. It puts things in motion that will lead to you getting your hearts desire but you will still have a part to play. To explain this I would like to repeat an old story that you may have already heard.

There is a major storm coming to a town, and the residents are advised to evacuate. A car drives by a neighbor’s house, and the driver yells out to the neighbor. “Do you need a ride?” The man declines, saying, “God will save me.”

The rain becomes fierce, and now the town is flooded. A neighbor paddles by in a boat. He asks the man if he wants to get onboard. The man answers, “No, God will save me.”

The man’s house becomes so flooded, that he seeks safety up on his roof. A helicopter flies by, with the pilot yelling out, “We’ll lower our ladder so you can get on the copter.” Again, the man declines.

Eventually, the man drowns, and goes before God. The man angrily asks God why He let him die. “I’ve always been a righteous man. I never missed church. Why didn’t you save me?”
God answered, “I sent you a man in a car, and a man in a boat, and a man in a helicopter.”

The moral of the story being that we could be staring at the answers to our wishes right in the face and not be able to recognise them. I would like to tell you a true story of a businessman I know. He had been asking the Universe to send him more money. He wanted to buy a bigger house for his family, be able to afford to decorate and furnish it and then take his family on a long holiday as one of his sons had just recovered from Leukemia. He asked, he made a vision board, he visualised and he knew it would come true (after all other things he had asked for had come to him in the past) but as he waited and waited and waited he started to question The power of the Universe because he wasn’t seeing cheques landing on his doorstep, he wasn’t seeing people queuing up at the door to give him contracts and he started to doubt. Meanwhile a scruffily dressed man had been asking to see him every day with a crackpot idea for an invention. It was something seemingly stupid, that could never work, so after hearing about it briefly as he entered the office one day he thereafter ignored the man and instructed his secretary to not let him into the office. 

Day after day when he entered the office he saw the man sitting outside always pleading with him to give him a  few minutes to talk about his invention. After this had been going on for a few weeks, annoyed, he finally decided to give the man 5 minutes just to get rid of him! 

The man launched into his spiel about his invention enthusiastically talking about how and where it could be sold. The businessman suddenly sat up and took notice. Not of the product that the man had invented, but of the technology behind it! When he questioned the man he found out that the man had patented the technology so it was legally his to do as he pleased with. To cut a long story short. They both ended up making millions and the businessman learned a valuable lesson.

One of the most important thing about The Law of the Attraction is not to pre-judge how your wish may come true but to be vigilant and to explore carefully any opportunity that may come your way as it may be the answer that you have been looking for. Sometimes it may be easy and could come in the form of more work, a better job or even cheques landing on the doorstep but sometimes it could need a little more diligence on your part.

The same principle applies when looking for that perfect life partner or career or anything on your wish list. Don’t try and tell the Universe how you want it to come about. Just put your wish out there, follow the basic principles of the Law of Attraction (see the post Law of Attraction: The Basics) positivity, visualisation and belief (allowing). Then watch as the Universe will set into motion the means and ways for your dreams to become reality.


  1. Thank you for this post. Recognizing opportunity is one thing I must learn. It seems that they open up in so unexpected ways, that it is too easy to ignore. I believe once you start getting better at noticing them, it is easier to go for them too.