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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Create a wish list

I thought I would tell you about a positive surprising experience I had today whilst I was sorting through a pile of old papers and letters that had been forgotten in the back of a cupboard.

A few years back, when I had only just learned about the Law of Attraction, I decided to write my own wish list of all of the things that I wanted. Being new to this, my requests were fairly modest.  I asked for a new lawn mower as mine had broken down, I wanted a new phone, better health as I was quite ill at the time, a holiday to Jamaica (I even specified the hotel), some new clothes for a certain event and many more things. I visualised them, thanked the Universe for them (as if they had already come to me) and then accidentally the list was swept into a pile with other papers and shoved in the back of the cupboard and forgotten about. At the time they were written, although modest requests, they were quite out of my reach financially.

When re-reading them today I was absolutely amazed by the outcome of these requests. Every single one of them had come true!

Within a few weeks of the requests I had received a new lawnmower through a freecycle organisation and I didn't have to pay a penny, I was bought a new mobile phone as a gift, and guess was the exact model I wanted even though I hadn't told anyone. My health improved dramatically, Whilst searching for deals to Jamaica, the very hotel that I wanted was on special offer and I managed to afford it due to unexpected cash coming my way. My mum decided to treat me to new clothes even though I hadn't mentioned the event that I needed them for to her. Every single request had come true to my amazement and all of them within a few weeks of my list being written!

“You can have anything you want if you will give up the belief that you can't have it.” 
Dr. Robert Anthony

Sometimes it takes experiences like these to give me a kick. To remember how wonderful and bountiful the Universe really is and how powerfully The Law of Attraction plays a part in our lives.

Even though the Law of Attraction plays a major role in my everyday life and I practise gratitude and forgiveness daily. This has now given me the push I needed to make a new list and this time I plan to make it a little more ambitious!

Give it a go yourself. You have absolutely nothing to loose. Write it on a scrap of paper as I did or write it on a fancy piece of card and attach pictures of your requests alongside it to make it a part wish list - part vision board. Its up to you how you do it, but remember, follow it up with positive thought, vibrations, actions and belief that you will get it. And then, just watch as the things you have asked for come true!


  1. Hi Nikki,
    I've just came across your fabulous blog..
    I truly believe power of attraction works, without me even knowing about it years ago nearly everything I said I wanted work,career,partner,business came true, even needing money when I really needed it..
    Then I became a negative person overnight with circumstances in my life, I now know I created this sad person..
    I have decided enough is enough with my doom and gloom of life, I was always a very positive person always happy always bubbly, then I purchased a business 4.5yrs ago and started a new wonderful relationship 3yrs ago..
    We broke up a couple of times not my choice, it knocked my confidence also business went bad, I was in such a negative place I ended up bankrupt last June.. we still have the business..
    I would say I've been depressed and negative for the last 2yrs.
    I cant get myself out of this black hole,can't laugh can't see the positive side of life, my partner has been amazing, but for once I have to admit I have severe depression...

    So now I.m going to turn my life around again and find that bubbly positive me again..
    I have all the books, Angels,The secret, power of Attraction for years so I am going to get back into all again and see the results happen..

    So everyone It can work if you put your mind to it, but what I'm trying to say is if you be negative your life will be, it's up to ourselves to sort it out...

    In love in light In love in light In love in light...


  2. Thanks so much for sharing your experience with everyone who reads this blog. You have been through such tough times as well as good and its great that you are making this first step to regaining all that you have lost. I know that by utlising the Law of Attraction you can completely turn your life around again. The power is within you to create your present and your future and I wish you all the best the Universe can offer.

  3. Thankyou Nikki, I will let you know how I'm getting on...
    Wonderful blog by the way...


  4. Hi Nikki, I can so agree with this. I was doing a weight loss course years ago and part of it was to keep a journal. Every now and then I'd be told to write in my journal something like 10 things I would have if nothing was impossible. So I did and I signed it and dated it. It got put in a handbag that I don't use anymore and got forgotten for a few years. When i found it I couldn't even remember having written it but every single one of those 10 things had happened or was definitely on the way. I was stunned. I did it again and found that list just a few weeks ago and guess what - all of that list has come true. So I am going off right now to make another list! A spectacular one this time! I'll let you know...:-)

  5. Thank you for commenting on this uplifting and positive experience, it's always nice to hear how The Law of Attraction is working for other people. Let me know how this new wish list progresses!
    Many thanks
    Nikki. x

  6. Nice post. I will let you know how I'm getting on...
    Wonderful blog..
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