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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The secret revealed to me

The first time I was actually aware of the forces of The Law of Attraction in my life was way back in 2006. I was in a very dark place indeed. I had split up from my husband of 6 years, was bankrupt, seriously depressed from traumatic events that had happened whilst I lived abroad and in a rut. I was desperate for a holiday but didn't have the money to go. I didn't realise that the more I focused on all of the negative things in my life, the more I was perpetuating them. In absolute despair I cried out loud 'Please, if there really is anyone or anything out there, show me what to do!'

Within a day of this plee I had unexpectedly received a phone call from an agent in London who wanted to make a documentary about my life experiences in Kenya (I had lived there for 5 years). I was paid a fee and it was exactly what I needed to break the monotonous cycle that my life had become. With the money I was able to take a luxury holiday with a friend and finally get a break but best of all, during the filming of the documentary I met a woman called Mfanwe who was to change my life forever.

It was during the after filming party that I told her how I had made a desperate plee from the heart and all of a sudden things had started to change for the better. She had asked me if I had watched a film called 'The Secret'  I told her that I hadn't and she immediately recommended that I did. She said that it would change my life beyond belief.

And it did!

By changing the way in which I thought, my life started to change for the better hour by hour, day by day. I learned that instead of focusing on how bad things were to instead focus on all of the things that were good in my life. My daughter, my cats, the fact that I had a decent roof over my head, food in the fridge and good friends. Within a year things started to take a dramatic turn for the better and everyday as I learn more and more about the power of the Universe and put it into action in my life I see the wonderful results.

I started this blog in order to share the wonder that I experience each day as the things that I visualise start to come true, and of course as I am writing this blog daily I am also giving thanks for the great things that continue to manifest themselves day to day and by writing about them and feeling gratitude I am sending out more of those positive signals that themselves attract more positive things, and so it goes on........

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